Monday, 10 October 2016

Shipping Container Leasing - A Profitable Way To Make Passive Income

Shipping container leasing seems to be a profitable way to make a passive income. In this business, you purchase your own containers and then turn around & lease them  to shipping companies. They offer around a 12% return for this, “guaranteed”. If you are looking to start your own container business in UK or have any questions about the process, Contact us today +61-488-203-213. We specialize in offering flexible leasing options.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Best Shipping Container Investment Company In Australia

Shipping investments are a form of alternative investments, So if you are looking for a shipping container investment company in Australia then is the best one here.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Tips to do the Easy Container Shipment

Container shipment also can be highly-priced, so listing your dreams and requirements and do not purchase containers which are not absolutely in music at the side of your requirements. they're going to set you returned round $2000 as well as larger, based totally upon the measurements and high nice with the container. You maximum possibly determined to buy shipping packing containers, get them via nearby corporations having a study to store provide prices.

Help to make a comprehensive evaluation at the internet to have concept of the shopping for charge of this kind of storage packing containers. Numerous organizations provide on line services and products and you'll have the ability to touch this type of companies to invite about their own items. live far from throwing away cash via way of buying a used container fairly than the standard emblem spanking ultra-modern.

Shipping container leasing investment is a good rate danger in case your enterprise justifies using of these typically. It capabilities like a as soon as price. Simply in case those people aren't being used with regard to agency, they is probably in a place discrete upon hire. This is mostly a suitable manner so one can increase closer to the existing income. If at all feasible, read the container in advance than purchasing. Shipping bins need to be long lasting and weather resistant. Ask the seller whether or not he materials field transformation issuer or now not. Container transformation adjustments the actual field just so it might be region to a distinct use.

You can genuinely wish to find a superb field container imaginable just before investing. BSL bins have to be in a place to provide those types of to you, because they're kept one of the very nice specifications about this planet of storage field design. The planet agency with reference to Standardization gives given BSL garage packing containers five ratings in agreement at the side of international requirements for garage space containers. Government our bodies everywhere the world offers ranked BSL supplying containers as powerful and sincere. utilizing shipping bins for your out from the nation deliveries is not going to offer any form of disadvantage in the direction of the security and safety of the items.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Shipping Containers - Alternative Investment Business

Investing in shipping containers can be very profitable. By leasing your container you  can earn 12% per annum with YS Containers. To find out more about this shipping container business and how it works you can contact us at Ph: +61-488-203-213. We feel happy to assist you.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Benefits of Container Leasing - Your Shipping Container

It is a new market where you can buy a shipping container and lease it back. Container investing involves the purchase of a shipping container, and then leasing it to shipping companies. We YS Container are experts in shipping container leasing. To find out how you can start Your Shipping Container business, call us at Ph: +61-488-203-213.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Donate to Water Charity - Yours Shipping Cointaner Initiative

Hopes and Dreams is  a non-profit organization that runs water charities programs  delivering  clean, safe drinking water to people  in Africa and India.  Your Shipping Container’s  current main donation funds go to  volunteer organisations  like Hopes and Dreams(NGO). Our goals are to Promote Gender Equality, Empower Women, Ensure Environmental Sustainability, Reduce Child Mortality, Eradicate Extreme Poverty & Hunger and Combat Malaria and other Diseases.